2014 Sneak Peek

2014 Billie jean

Photo by © Called To Wander


The Unexpected Pit Bull is a not-for-profit organization that creates, markets, and sells merchandise celebrating pit bull dogs. We donate 100% of our net profits to pit bull rescue, education, and advocacy organizations in need of support.

An annual tradition you (and pit bulls in need) can depend on is back— and better than ever!!!


For the past decade, THE UNEXPECTED PIT BULL’s annual calendars have warmed hearts, changed minds, and helped raise thousands of dollars for deserving pit-bull rescue, advocacy, and education organizations throughout North America.

Our 2014 edition does more of the same--and so much more.
While all of our calendars have documented the human-canine bond, this one takes that documentation and elevates it to the level of celebration.

Whether purchased for oneself--or given as a gift, a stocking stuffer, or a token of affection and appreciation --THE UNEXPECTED PIT BULL CALENDAR (2014 EDITION)
combines breath-taking images, lensed by award-winning photographers, with stories of humans whose lives haven’t just been improved but rather transformed (sometimes, even saved) by the pit bulls in their midst.

Our 2014 Calendar Cover Girl, Billie Jean, and our December model, Sweetie, were featured on Life With Dogs! Billie's and Sweetie's stories warm hearts, change minds, and help raise funds. 100% of the net proceeds from your purchase is donated to serve pit bulls in need. Thank you for supporting our mission.

If you plan to gift our 2014 calendars to your family, friends and colleagues for every and any occasion - gratitude, birthdays, housewarming, holidays - we highly recommend you check out our volume discounts for tremendous savings.


Enjoy our fabulous sneak peek! The Unexpected Pit Bull 2014 Calendar features stunning images and real stories of pit bull dogs sharing their lives with their families.
2014 Sneak Peak2014 Sneak Peak2014 Sneak Peak2014 Sneak Peak2014 Sneak Peak2014 Sneak Peak
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